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New Zealand is now at COVID Alert Level 1. All VisionWest Home HealthCare services have returned to be as near to normal as possible.


Recently, some of our clients were visited by two women alleging to be from Visionwest and Access. They said they were there to conduct a survey to ensure Support Workers were doing a good job. They then asked a number of personal questions. The women did not have ID and were not wearing any kind of uniform. They are not from Visionwest or Access.

We have contacted the rest home and are asking if they have CCTV. We have asked the clients to call the police. We are contacting the DHB to let them know and will be putting a message on our website and Facebook pages to advise our Support Workers and clients to be aware that this has happened.

While this occurred in a Waikato rest home and to a client in Rototuna, it is a good time to remind ALL clients and their whānau to be vigilant.

Clients should be reminded:
• Visionwest and Access Support Workers wear uniforms and carry ID’s.
• Neither Visionwest nor Access would ever do face to face surveys like that.
• Clients should never let anyone they don’t know into their homes.
• If in doubt, clients should ask to see their Support Worker’s ID.

Thanks for your help with this, we want to make sure our whānau always feel safe in their homes.

New Zealand is now at COVID Alert Level 1.

All VisionWest Home HealthCare services have returned to be as near to normal as possible and all clients and appointments should have been reinstated.

We want to assure all VisionWest client whānau that your Support Worker has been informed about what this means in terms of standard health practices to ensure your safety and theirs.

As always, VisionWest Support Workers are fully trained in all hygiene practices related to hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, cough etiquette, and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when appropriate and according to risk assessments.

Staff who are unwell will not be rostered to work. Please advise your VisionWest Home HealthCare office if you are unwell.

Please remember: If you (as a Home HealthCare client or worker) have come into close contact with someone who has, or may have COVID-19, please inform our office as soon as you find out – phone 0800 222 040.

If you or your family have any concerns about your health, or any questions, please contact us at VisionWest Home HealthCare 0800 222 040.

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