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PPE Updates


Monday 15/2/2021 – PPE REMINDER

As we move back into COVID Alert Levels 2 and 3, it’s good to remind ourselves of the PPE regulations for each level.

If you have any questions or need more PPE, please contact your office.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and stay safe!

CLICK HERE for MoH Alert Level 2 PPE Requirements. (Applies to all regions outside of Auckland).

CLICK HERE for MoH Alert Level 3 PPE Requirements. (Applies to Auckland region).

Tuesday 13/10/2020


Some Support Workers have asked for clarification about the current guidelines relating to PPE.

CLICK HERE to read the Ministry of Health COVID Alert Level 1 PPE guidelines.

Monday 17/8/2020 – MoH PPE Guidelines Confirmation

Kia ora everyone.

As we begin this new working week, we want to confirm the PPE regulations.

Attached are documents detailing the latest advice from the Ministry of Health – for your safety and the safety of our clients, VisionWest Home HealthCare follows these practices.

If you have any questions or need more PPE, please contact your office.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

CLICK HERE for MoH Alert Level 2 PPE Requirements.

CLICK HERE for MoH Alert Level 3 PPE Requirements.


Monday 22/6/20 UPDATE - Alert Level 1 Work Conditions

New Zealand is now in Alert Level 1 and it is highly unlikely that any COVID-19 is circulating within our communities. However, it is still important to utilise proper Infection control precautions. This means:

• Before starting any appointment with a client, you MUST ask the client whether they are experiencing ANY type of respiratory illness. This includes mild cold-like symptoms, severe flu-like symptoms and everything in-between.

• Advice for the use of PPE is explained in the attached one-page document. In most cases washing of hands is enough, except for when dealing with bodily fluids; in the case of bodily fluids, you MUST wear disposable gloves and a mask. If the client displays any symptoms of illness, they should also wear a mask.

• COVID-19 may no longer be present but it is still important that illnesses that are harmful to the health of the elderly and vulnerable do not have the possibility to spread.

CLICK HERE to view Alert Level 1 PPE instructions.

Monday 18/5/20 UPDATE – Changes to PPE Guidelines

The Ministry of Health have made a slight change to the PPE Guidelines to be consistent with Alert Level 2 guidance. In particular this relates to the need to maintain physical distancing from others. Previously the required distance was 2-metres. This has been changed to a minimum of 1-metre. This includes all clients and others not in your bubble.

CLICK HERE to view the latest Ministry of Health Guidelines.

Wednesday 29/4/20 UPDATE – PPE Use


While moving to Level 3 is a positive for us all, it remains important that PPE is used correctly. To ensure you are using PPE correctly, please take a time to watch this short (less than five minutes) video from Auckland DHB on how to correctly put on and dispose of PPE.

CLICK HERE to watch video.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For the safety of its clients and staff, VisionWest Home HealthCare has chosen to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines on the supply and use of PPE. We have adequate stocks of PPE and Support Workers will be contacted about its distribution.

This page contains information about the supply and proper use of PPE. It will be updated with new information as the need arises.

The official Ministry of Health guidelines regarding PPE are shown in this poster. CLICK HERE to view.


Attached are a number of resources that will help you over the coming days:

PPE for COVID Alert Level 1 PPE for COVID Alert Level 1 (216 KB)

Level 2 PPE Guidelines Level 2 PPE Guidelines (328 KB)

Level 3 PPE Guidelines Level 3 PPE Guidelines (330 KB)

PPE poster PPE poster (203 KB)